Conflict Denied Ops

Conflict Denied Ops showed no change for the better and can even say this game is the most simple FPS game made in Pivotal Games.

For a game with enough episode, Conflict: Denied Ops showed no change for the better and can even say this game is the most simple FPS game made in Pivotal Games. Gameplay is presented game Conflict: Denied Ops is very outdated, was so ancient you will realize that the enemy that you’re opponent look similar to each other. Co-op multiplayer mode offers gameplay that is quite interesting though how to play that offer still feels simple and allows you to play Rambo-style.

Although the military-themed game that is very thick, the actual gameplay Conflict: Denied Ops is caught between a realistic approach and arcade. The feeling sometimes I found myself lying dead as a result of a single shot, but sometimes I can pretend ala John Rambo, pushed forward while accepting that the bullet hit just cause me hurt. In terms of story, this time Conflict episode has a story that is quite normal, you’re just going to run ten missions scattered in various parts of the world and led to a high-level conspiracy linked to a nuclear bomb. Conflict game was always uses the first person perspective, specifically in this episode viewpoint turned into a third-person perspective. Reduced the number of characters involved in this episode, from the four characters on Conflict earlier to just two people.

Teamwork plays an important role during the game, fortunately AI in single player mode that is pretty smart. You can rule your partner quickly and easily, even AI can react automatically to the surrounding environment. When positioned properly, AI partner can kill many enemy or boss, as happened at the time when I was required against a helicopter. The only drawback I encountered AI in this game is just perfect AI reacts to the enemy, but not against my character, so when I’ve decided to go forward into the next room, my partner AI do not follow my actions and he kept vigil at my last location command. There are disadvantages are quite funny when I ordered my partner to progress to a certain point, while he was in a condition to drive a vehicle, instead of advancing in the direction of my show, he prefers to hit me because it stands between these to be passed.

Design level during the mission quite monotonous, somehow I feel that I get a challenge in every mission is always the same. Each mission requires only I exterminate all the enemies that appear and walk to the next point. Indeed, the design level provided quite diverse, ranging from the dusty road in Rwanda came to a castle in Siberia. But everything is not more than just a trip from point A to point B.

Although the gameplay is presented during the game was easy but sometimes there are some points in the game which was quite difficult and stressful. It seems all the fighting can not be done in a more subtle style of special units, all battle always ends in a remarkable condition ruined and full of smoke everywhere.

Multiplayer brings a plus for me, the co-op mode which is quite exciting battle to bring along a friend and a feature like this is quite rarely applied in the game. multiplayer can be done by using a LAN or online. Other modes in addition to the co-op was mediocre, other modes such as deathmatch, team deathmatch and conquest could not compensate preoccupation presented co-op mode. In terms of game sound is quite severe, speaking in a cramped office space feels like a very reverberant. The music is presented is also too loud that it almost drowned the sound of machine-gun fire.

Broadly speaking, if you do not expect anything when buying Conflict: Denied Ops I’m sure you will not regret it, but if you expect very high for this game, I am sure you will be disappointed. So think again when you want to buy this game because episodes Conflict this time too simple compared prekuelnya.

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