Console Game: The Division Will Feature RPG and Survival Elements and Will be Always Online

Tom Clancy’s The Division is Ubisofts version of a post apocalyptic world in the U.S.

The developer Ubisoft has revealed some more interesting bits of information about their game: Tom Clancy’s The Division which is set to launch later next year on the Xbox One console and PlayStation 4 console. A rendition of their post apocalyptic world, much like Naughty Dog has done with The Last Of Us and many other developers with their own games.

In Tom Clancy’s The Division a desease spreads like crazy on Black Friday through the use of money as the agent to carry the desease. It shows how vulnerable we have become to such attacks on popular day like Black Friday shopping day. You are part of Strategic Homeland Division (SHD), The Division for short and for the game’s title.

The developer revealed some information to IGN in which it is stated that the game will feature unique RPG elements and survival elements:

“We’re focusing a lot on the RPG aspects of the game since we are very much an RPG, so acquiring loot and gearing up your character is going to be a very big part of the game”

and on survival elements:

“Not only do you actually have to go out and look for food and water, but [they] become very valuable and rare resources that can be used to trade and stuff like that. But when it comes to having to drink water and eat food to be able to survive, that’s not really what we want from it. Food and water will be a very important part of the game, but players will not need to eat and drink to stay alive.”

You will not need to actually eat food but collecting these items could allow you to trade with other players and A.I for valuable items that you might need in order to progress within the game.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is scheduled to launch later in 2014 for the PS4 console and Xbox One console, as well as the PC platform.

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