Dead Rising 2: Off The Record Review

Game Review of dear Rising two : Off The record.

Rising 2 : Off The record is an action adventure zombie killing game by Capcom. The main character is Frank West From the first Dead Rising Game, Back into the zombie ridden mayhem! 

In Dead Rising 2 : Off The record you have two choices upon starting a new game. There’s story mode which is a storyline about the outbreak where you have to find out whats going on and while continuing with the story, you get info on survivors which you can save along the way.

Then there’s Sandbox Mode, In this mode you can pretty much go on a huge zombie killing spree without time limits or storyline to get in your murderous way! Plus there’s multiple challenges dotted around for example: A drinking challenge where you have to consume as much alcohol as you can in a certain time (yes you can get sick) and other challenges like killing as many zombies in a certain time.

Sandbox mode is also very useful if you want to gain experience and take it over into the story mode when you start it.

The amount of weapons in this game is HUGE! Plus you can combine weapons to make new and awesome weapons like if you get a knife and a broom, combine the two and you have a pole arm weapon. Sweet!

So if you love your zombie games then Dead Rising 2 : Off The record would be a great addition to your collection. < Link to amazon

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