Dead Rising Two Review

Game review and info on Dead Rising two.

Dead Rising 2 is an action adventure gore fest packed brim full with the living dead. You play as the motocross star Chuck Greene and you are a survivor of a zombie Apocalypse.

The world you take on is a huge shopping mall complex complete with all you need to kill off zombies, Such as weapon shops, food shops for heatlh and other interesting and unique places to explore  along your exploration of the world you run into survivors which you can lead to safety and gain experience to level up and gain new abilities and combo cards for making combination weapons such as the nailbat (wooden baseball and nails).

In this game you have many ways to play, You could just explore and slaugter an unlimited number of zombies just for the entertainment value, or you could get down to some serious storyline action where you also encounter psychopaths and looters along with the usual massive horde of brain munchers making this game a very solid free roam title.

I’ve been playing this game for a few weeks now and it doesn’t look like I’m going to get bored anytime soon. You even have a zombie kill count while playing the game, so far I’ve killed 20′000. lol yup this games awesome!

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