Interested in a Head Start on World of Warcraft? Or Extra Gold Bars on Habbo? I Have Stuff to Give Away!

I’ll be discussing the addictive abilities of World of Warcraft, Habbo Hotel, Runescape and other games, while I very ironically give out free stuff for these games, the choice is yours.

World of Warcraft is a game with millions of users, and it has become the lives of many, and I’ve decided to quit to focus on school, and shockingly my grades have improved to almost entirely high achievement, not a suprise huh?

Regardless, if you’d like any of my 4000 Gold Bars on Habbo, please leave a comment with your details.

If you’d like one of 3 Level 85’s in full tier accounts then just ask, I also have over 4094k on WoW, a lot of it bought and I can’t sell it without risk of ban.

On Runescape I have billions, and 2 party hats, first two to comment regarding RS will get a party hat, the rest will get 100m each. 

again guys, just leave a comment and you will recieve either a couple hundred K on WoW or 100 or so Gold bars. As stated, anyone asking about Runescape will get 100 m.  

I will have a continous series of articles giving away new stuff and talking about new gaming addictions. Cheers guys. 

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