Fish Mask Economics RuneScape

The questionable future of the fish mask.

The fish mask was released in 2012, and has seen a very prolonged downturn.  This is due to low demand, as the supply is obviously cut.

Because of this, many players have started to stockpile the masks.  I, for one, own 129 fish masks.  I buy them when the price drops below 1M, or 1000k.

Will these ever be worth more than their all-time low of 800k?  Absolutely.  How long will it take? That all depends.  Even with the artificial demand that I’m creating, they’re barely changing.  They are an ugly, undesirable item.  No one likes fish masks.  This is also further complicated by the fact that the Evolution of Combat, or EoC, has driven many other players from the game.  This also means that there are less fish masks in existence, as players quit, their items are removed from the market as long as they are, and they are not reintroduced.

However long it takes, the simple law of supply and demand, the base of marketing understanding states that the fish masks will increase in price.  The game will surely die before they’re worth anywhere near as much as any of the other rares, but I believe they will easily be stable at 3-5M in the coming years.  The lower rares are much more of a “poor man’s rare”, and with a new generation of players, they will be in more demand.  When players start flipping them more, this will further introduce demand as well.

The fish mask is not dead yet, fellow players.

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