Five Reasons to Buy Battleblock Theatre

Oh man, oh man, you are definitely missing out on this game. My friends have bought it for me, and its definitely great. I suggest buying it from Steam, though.

If you are the type of person who loves comedy, your definitely going to like BattleBlock Theatre. The cheap price should let almost any person be able to play it, and the platformer will make it worth your time.

5. Comedy

You may get irritated by dying so many times, but that announcer might ease it down a lot! He does make a few smart jokes, which you don’t see in platformers every day. The dying may be repetitive, but the ways the characters die are great for sadistic people to see. Especially that raccoon-moose-bear hybrid, where he just eats you like a dog. You’ll definitely enjoy it if you love comedy.

4. Gameplay

At first, it is easy as 1-2-3, but you end up having to use strategies, and skills to get through the levels. I even have problems getting around the last chapters! Also, the only way to beat the level is get 3 gems. And there is always one ball of yarn in every one of them. With yarn, you can buy weapons that will help you get through the game. You can get a fireball, that can burn your foes, or a boomerang that can collect gems out of your reach. I suggest using the plumber and boomerang, as you can only have two weapons Also, you would want to get the plumber gun, which can make a small supporting platform on walls, and the boomerang to get that yarn and the gems. And there are minigames you can play, if you are wanting to do something other than Story Mode. Play with your friends, or a bunch of people you probably never met.

3. Story

I haven’t really finished the story, but its pretty unique. The introduction of the story uses comedy to explain it, and the storms seems to shake off all the passengers, who later become prisoners. You are a survivor of the shipwreck, and you explore a building. Then, you see one of the boat captains getting a top hat, that was actually bad. Then, mayhem happens and you become one of the prisoners. The goal of the whole game is to get the hat off of Hatty, and then get out of the island.

2. Gift Shop

Collecting Prisoners is just like collecting hats on TF2. If you are the person that likes collecting stuff, this feature is something you will like. You go to the Gift Shop, and you will notice some machines that resemble a shape. The shapes are circle, triangle, square, cylinder and a star. The star is a special head that you can’t purchase, but must do a certain task in order to get one of the special hats. There are probably hundreds of prisoners to get. They start off at 10 gems, and then the prices increase. Also, this isn’t the only thing you can buy, but going upstairs allows you to get weapons. They are highly random, and cost 5 yarn. With there being only 13 weapons, buying them all practically makes Yarn useless. But with the trading, you can also trade yarn for another person’s gems. And not only that, but you can trade hats, too!

1. Soundtrack

Oh man, the songs do make you want to play the game in rhythm of the song! Writing this article, I am even playing the soundtrack, which is like an orgasm to your ears. I usually hear some loud swearing pop music, or dubstep that sounds like they are trying to make their farts like dubstep, but the style is so unique. It helps you get used to the atmosphere, and it would probably even make you download it! (If, you really love the song.) One of my favorites is the Wicked Mummy remix, and the secret stage soundtrack. It might make you laugh, when the commentator is singing about how it is a secret. You can find the secret level song here: [youtube=]


That game is actually worth more than a few dollars there. That game looks like its worth a few Alexander Hamiltions. (10$ USD to save your time google searching it) Its available on many platforms, and if you do buy it, you will enjoy it. If you don’t that hat will take you over, and play this game forever! (insert Muhahaha here.)

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