Five Terrific Playstation Two Horror Games

Like classic horror movies, previous horror game titles tend to induce scarier once compete when an extended time. they’re creepy and may get very chilling if compete when dark, together with your headphones on. a number of the foremost terrific games square measure designed for laptop and also the PlayStation a pair of.

Survival Horror Light gun arcade game (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For PlayStation’s second generation of consoles, there square measure some nice horror titles that square measure as chilling as any J-horror motion-picture show. several of them boast innovative gameplay mechanics and a really sensible plot, and also the scare issue is simply wonderful. Here’s a summary of a number of the scariest PlayStation a pair of horror games to play this Hallowe’en.

1. Siren

Siren could be a good example of a decent survival horror game. Set within the remote rural city of Hanuda, the sport enables you to step into the shoes of a boy UN agency struggles for survival during a haunted city. The ghost town’s inhabitants have became zombies and it’s up to you to assist him get out of this mess.

The game features a distinctive stealth-based system referred to as “sightjack”, wherever a player will initiate Associate in Nursing out-of-the-body expertise and possess the minds of zombies and humans. This helps him realize a route, get hints and appearance for attention-grabbing things.

Combat is heavily de-emphasized, however you’ll attack a zombie in concealing mode. the sport graphics square measure wonderful, with facial animations square measure supported camera captures of human facial expressions. The dark atmosphere, at the side of an ideal survival-horror setting and innovative gameplay mechanics makes Siren one in every of the most effective horror games on the PS2.

2. Haunting Ground

Haunting Ground (HG) could be a creepy survival horror game that ensures real thrills and chills, all within a haunted castle. the sport has many chilling places to explore and lots of horrifying ghosts to encounter.

HG revolves round the chilling adventures of Fiona Belli, who’s treed within Associate in Nursing abandoned castle, her solely companion could be a dog named Hewie, UN agency behaves specifically sort of a real-life dog, and this very makes things a trifle untidy furthermore as attention-grabbing. He can nose out dangerous traps for you Associate in Nursingd warn against an close at hand danger, in all probability a chilling apparition. however your pet will typically go a trifle obstinate and you’ll got to management him to avoid obtaining lost.

Being a real blue survival horror game, Haunting Ground doesn’t focus of combat. The frail kicks and punches of Fiona won’t keep off ghosts, however concealment behind curtains, below beds or drawing ghosts toward traps. once there’s a danger approaching, either the dog or a special music can warn you, providing you with a while to seek out Associate in Nursing escape route from that space. the sport is brief and may be very chilling if compete on higher issue level. Try it.

3. Fatal Frame: Crimson Butterfly

The Japanese square measure famous for his or her originality and individuality, be it directive groundbreaking movies or developing video games. The Fatal Frame series is one in every of the most important samples of Japanese originality. The series adds parts from reality ghost-hunting shows to its gameplay, creating it a a lot of immersive expertise.

The game’s distinctive capture-to-kill-ghosts gameplay feature very causes you to feel terrified for a flash. you’ll have access to Associate in Nursing ancient camera and a few ghost-hunting film roles. after you encounter a chilling apparition, snap a pic to capture the ghost’s exposure at the instant. an ideal capture drains the attack powers of the ghost, because of special film rolls inserted into the camera.

But capturing ghosts on your “Camera Obscura” isn’t simple, because the ghosts square measure swift, clever and downright chilling. These horrifying apparitions can prompt you of chilling J-horror movies (think Ringu and also the Grudge). The ghost design is really galvanized by Japanese myths and legends, wherever grotesque and chilling apparitions were an area of the lore.

The game is frightening and features a dark theme. There square measure many jaw-dropping moments, as well as fulminant ghost appearances. each moment older during this game can build your skin crawl. A must-buy game, if you’re keen on serious survival horror.

4. ObsCure

If you’re keen on teenaged horror movies, then you’ll love this game. the sport revolves around four young  students. to analyze strange occurrences in Leafmore High, they embarked on on their rummage around for a lost friend. They find yourself within their faculty fighting for survival against strange tentacle creatures and alternative horrifying monsters. the sport has several twists and turns, many puzzles and focuses on team-work.

If you’re very probing for a decent co-op gameplay moment, then there’s no alternative game higher than ObsCure. the sport permits you to complete missions together with your friend. Puzzle-solving and combat needs cooperation between faculty going teenagers. Like Resident Evil, the sport enables you to mix things to make complicated weapons and/or things.

The game has many chilling moments and beautiful and enticing women to act with. All in all, ObsCure is a motivating title with nice co-op play.

5. tower three

The first 2 games of the tower series, although quite chilling, were mere point-and-click second journey titles. The third game not solely has revamped visuals and gameplay, however conjointly has some very horrifying moments.

Clock Tower three, with its intense medium cut-scenes, appearance a lot of sort of a J-horror motion-picture show then a game. And if it’s not the gameplay, it’s the plot and medium scenes that qualifies it to be one in every of the creepiest PlayStation a pair of horror games of all time.

I have noticed  that almost all J-horror games have a feminine protagonist. This doesn’t build the sport least attention-grabbing, however will add some variation to that. The game’s feminine lead could be a British juvenile UN agency desires to come back home, however is warned by her mother in not doing therefore. All of a fulminant, she gets pedunculate by a chilling hammer man and so as to flee his wrath, she should realize a topographic point. Here, you’ll got to escort her to safety and realize the way to induce eliminate hammer man. The entity typically seems out of thin air, providing you with those chilling moments.

Apart from the hammer-wielding diseased person, there square measure alternative chilling entities you’ll encounter because the game progresses. All square measure equally horrifying. the sport conjointly has some gruesome scenes, that square measure actually horrific for a game like tower.

While combat is heavily de-emphasized as you hunt for concealment places, there square measure sure parts with that you’ll get eliminate monsters temporary. however the important concern lies in boss modes. Overall, CT three could be a game to seem forward to and is one in every of the most effective PlayStation a pair of horror games of all time.

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