Forza Motorsport Two Review

Review of Forza Motorsport two.

Forza Motorsport 2 is a fantastic racing simulation game developed by Turn 10 Studios. This game has came a long way since is predecessor, the original Forza Motorsport that came out back in 2005. The cars in this game are stunning, with beautiful textures and revamped looks plus the option to create your own design for you cars. There a about 349 cars in the game and that’s including the DLC. 

The in game psyhics and collision detection has been revamped, where you can now damage your car  severely making for quite interesting races so don’t try and take corners like you would in Gran Tursimo or you will end up ruining your car. you can adjust the level of damage through an in game option 

If you have enough credits saved up, you can buy cars in a sort of market place get up as well as selling your own for extra credits for a rainy day. 

The multiplayer options have expanded with a wide variety of races, you can now do split-screen and System Link races as well as racing people around the world in races with up to four people via Xbox Live in all sorts of different events. 

Even if you’re not a car fan, this game is worth a shot just for the pure beauty!

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