Four Classic Super Nintendo (Snes) Video Games

Everyone has their favorite home video game consoles and their favorite video games, and the Super Nintendo (SNES) is right there at the top of many gaming fans’ list of home systems.

Uncharted Waters: New Horizons

One of the greatest RPG games of all time, in my opinion. You can play one of several characters … a pirate, a merchant, an explorer and more. You literally get to explore the whole planet, traveling around in ships and finding remote places, ancient artifacts and secret villages. You can also attack other ships and fight in duels, or you can play it relatively safe and gamble or trade in goods. Good graphics, though cartoonish, great sound and awesome gameplay.

Sim City

This classic game has been ported to just about every gaming console, app, handheld gadget and computer in the world, but my favorite version has always been Sim City for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The controls make this game a breeze, and it was always entertaining to build your own cities. And sometimes to tear them down!

Super Mario World

Being the original in-pack game that came with the SNES, Super Mario World has been played by millions of gamers. But just because this game game with the SNES doesn’t make it a great game. No, it’s the depth of the world to explore and the great action that make this a great video game.

Super Off Road

Great graphics, goofy game mechanics, tons of racing maps … it was all here. Such a simple game, but one that was not easy to master. Tons of fun with trucks bouncing all over the place, and the added turbo booster just added to the arcade excitement of Super Off Road on the SNES.

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