Free Download The Latest Version Terraria + Trainers [Update]

This is the latest version of Terraria.

Before you install this version, you need to install Microsoft’s .net Framework 4 and Microsoft’s XNA Distributable 4. You can download it here:

Download Microsoft’s .net Framework 4

Download Microsoft’s XNA Distributable 4

Install both of them before install the game.

How to download Terraria:

  1. Click download link below, a new tab will appear
  2. Wait 5 second until “Skip ad” appear, then click it.
  3. The download page will appear now

Here the latest version of Terraria:

Download Terraria v1.1.2 (16MB)

Download Terraria v2.0.0 (18MB)

You also can download the trainers for this game

Download Trainers (487Kb)

I think that’s all for this time. I will always update this thread if the next version released. Enjoy the game guys. Don’t forget to leave a comment and like this article. Thank you guys. Happy Gaming ^_^

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    Free Download The Latest Version Terraria + Trainers [Update]

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