Free High Level RuneScape Account + 07

I am giving away a High level account which is level 196 in EOC and 84 in 07 Scape.

I have quit Runescape now and have decided to give away my main account to whoever comments the most on this post.

The account I am giving has no cash on it now, however it’s stats are extremely good. It has a total level of 2283.

It has 9 level 99 stats, which include level 99 attack, constitution, strength, magic, prayer, fletching, firemaking, woodcutting (with 36m experience) and 103 dungeoneering.

All other stats on the account are above level 80 with the lowest stat being 82 farming.

All quests that have been released so far have been completed with the quest cape being in the bank.

The account has a full set of elite void armour, and also includes having dreadnips unlocked, goliath, swift and spellcasters’ gloves unlocked with also having over 10m dominion tower zeal.

The account has the tokhaar-kal cape, gained from completing the fight kiln and boasts having many chaotic weapons.

A list including:

  • Chaotic Rapier
  • Off-hand Chaotic Longsword
  • Chaotic Claws
  • Chaotic staff
  • Off-hand Chaotic Crossbow
  • Chaotic Crossbow

This account is also 9 years old with under 200 days till the 10 year veteran cape and also has all the holiday event rewards.

This account would be worth well over $500 if sold online, so this giveaway would be well worth your time. I will be letting this run for 3 weeks to see who will get this account.

The 07 account and stats:

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