Free Playstation Network Cards (PSN Cards)

This is a short simple guide on how to get free PSN cards.

I’m playing Games for free, how about you?

Thats right! Free Cards? How does this work you might ask? It is all through a website called Prizerebel. Prize rebel is a simple site, it is point  based. Basicly when you get enough points you can trade them in for cards, or even CASH in your Pay Pal!

  Dose it require a credit card/phone number?

Not at all, 100% free, there are offers involving credit cards and cellphones, but I personally haven’t done one.


I hate surveys, is there anything else?

Yes! There are tons of alternatives to those pesky surveys. You get points for doing daily tasks, downloading software, watching videos, and printing coupons. However the surveys are always available and you will not be punished my taking them!

How long does it take?

I got my first game card in 2 days… But that was just messing around, if you want too you can get it in half a day. Pretty easy considering you can get points just by watching Youtube videos! Soon you will be able to almost all the DLC and games you want for free!

Wait, why are you practically giving me WoW Game Cards?

All you need to do is compleate simple tasks, and you are rewarded for it! There are also cash surveys.

Click  Here to Get Started! (Opens a New Window)
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