Free RuneScape Accounts and Items

Why work for an account when I can just give it to you?

Hey guys!

It’s spring break, and I am back! This time, although, I do not have that many items to give away as I am in college. Here is my list..



(2) 99 WC

(1) 99 FM

(1) 99 Fletch

(3) 99 Prayer


(7) Santa Hats

(3) Abbys Whips

(1) White Partyhat

(2) Dragonfire Sheilds

(4) Fire Capes (Can transfer from free PK kill)

(1) Saradomin GodSword

(4) Full Barrows Armor

So, you have to be thinking, there has to be a catch. Well, there is, sort of. The thing is, I can’t get all these things so fast. It’s not possible. I probably give away less than 10% of whats on the giveaway, maybe even less. But, you guys help me get members in order to donate that 10%, and to buy accounts and items. Now, I make no money on this. I play RuneScape for a passion and nothing else. I’ve been playing Runescape since it’s Beta days, therefore, I have a lot of money. If you need an item in the 2007 server, I can do that also, but you will have to have a special request for it.

So, this is what I ask from you. Click on the Google Adsense Ad that is on the side of this webpage. That way, I can generate income for more free things that go towards you, and I can pay towards my own membership. I will keep on updating my list and crossing off what is gone. I have posted this same thing on several other websites, so what you want may be gone! Still, take a chance, and please click on the ad anyway! It’s what will keep on funding these giveaways for you! you have nothing to lose!

Please post in this format:

Runescape Name:

Runescape Level:

Item Wanted:

Why you want the item:

Thanks, hope you get what you want!

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