Free RuneScape Memberships 2013

Free Runescape memberships 2013.

today I have decided to give out some free Runescape memberships now you might be thinking it’s just another scam well no its not I’m not going to be asking for profiles all that I ask is for a comment on why you should get the membership now it sounds simple doesn’t it but out of all the comments I’m be picking 5 lucky person to give out the memberships to.

no you may be wondering why would you do such a thing, it’s just simple in the past I have had some players help me out with some free membership without even knowing them and I feel really thankful for those type people that helped me out back then, I also feel that some of us have it hard getting some membership because of our parents so I decided I’m doing this to help all of you out, Plus wouldn’t it be great to experience member world for the first time just as I did long ago, it was hard at first I had to do so many videos on You Tube on what you do to get money but putting it to practice was really hard I don’t know what to do for my level so I decided to kill Blue Dragon it was really hard died because I didn’t have a anti fire shield.

After I got back with one I survived a while but I didn’t have the required food so once again I died, once again I return trying to meele down the Dragon but it was effective other players killed it faster, as I saw everyone was ranging I decided to give it a try and I found it being really effective so I continued for a few week and made my money after that I don’t know what to do frustrating so much to do and so little time to do it I was just thinking of that idea that after a month I will go back to the members so I started to make more money so that when I was a free player I would that be have a decent amount of cash.

After that month ended another of my friend paid for my membership this time I already had some experience so I knew exactly what to do and that’s why I want 5 lucky person to experience what I felt back then.

so as I said all you have to do is put in a comment on why you should get the membership you could put multiple Comments I will keep on doing this each month For 5 of you so good luck to you all. Don’t forget to put in your emails so that I can send you your membership code. winners can keep participating good luck.

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