Frost Dk’s World of Warcraft

My thoughts and opinions on Frost Dk.

My Thoughts on Frost Death Knights in WoW

I personally love playing on my frost dk. Most people say that frost dk is just a face roll class and that anybody can play it. Well i beg to differ, because i would say that to play a frost dk well takes talent. As a dk in general if you are not playing a blood dk your survivability is lacking. Us frost and unholy dk’s are left to only using death pact with is a 1 min cooldown heal and using anti-magic shell as a very short bubble. After using these skills it is hard to have any survivability. I play a lot of arenas and for my survivability it is usually reliant on my teammate or how fast I can kill the other team. The one thing about frost dk that is faceroll is putting damage on your enemies. But after that nothing about playing a frost dk is just a faceroll. In battlegrounds playing a dk is great because you are able to hide in the confusion and strike people down hard and fast. But in arenas you are usually targeted early because it is known that you can hit hard but that it is hard to survive when you are getting trained. That is why I like to run my 2’s with a healer because a healer dk comp is really viable in my opinion. Overall, I really enjoy frost dk and would highly recommend it to everyone who is thinking about trying it.

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