Battlefield 4: Free China Rising DLC Not Available on Ps4 When Upgrading From Ps3 Version?

Some users have taken to the internet to complain about an issue they are having with thier free China Rising DLC.

People who preordered Battlefield 4 on the PS3 and recieved a code for the China Rising DLC are being shocked when they cannot be able to carry that content over on to the PS4 digital upgrade version. The proble is happening with PS3 physical copies over to PS4 digital copies.

Users have taken to the forums to voice their concer over why they cannot download the content if they had already payed the fee to upgrade to the PS4 version, and got the code for preordering the game. User buckethead232 and NeoGAF user TheVanillaGorilla had this to say after contacting EA customer support:

Buckethead232: “I bought BF4 for my PS3, I waited to redeem my download code until after the PS4 came out and I utilized the 10 dollar upgrade to the PS4 version. I go to download China Rising Today and it wont let me download for free. Start an advisor chat and EA has evidently decided this afternoon that if you took this path to upgrade your game you are out of luck and have to pay 14.99 or buy Premium to get it.”

Bad luck was all that EA had to tell him about his situation, the other alternative buy the DLC or buy Premium membership- not a good deal. Buckethead232 preordered and payed for his copy ahead of time and got his code on top of that payed and extra $10 to play the game on PS4 and yet EA can’t find a solution to this issue.

The other user on gaf was TheVanillaGorilla who stated he was offered a 15% voucher to which he said no thanks he “can’t suppor that”. With TheVanillaGorilla EA has lost a customer as he finished by saying: “Bye bye BF4″.

Can’t blame him, EA has to do something better than saying “bad luck” or offering a 15% voucher, how about giving people what they actually payed for?!

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