Game Review : Mortal Kombat Four

Review of arcade fighting game series Mortal Kombat.

Initially released in 1997, Mortal Kombat is an arcade series of fighting games produced by Midway Games

MK4 is the fourth game in this series and also Midway’s first 3D game.

The gameplay is similar to that of previous releases however, weapons are introduced into the game. These can be swung, thrown or even used to beat the opponent up using the punch buttons. They can also be dropped to the ground and the opponent can pick the weapon up.

It has two fatalities per character and two stage fatalities. A fatality is similar to a special move in which the character finishes off his opponent with a signature move. Stage fatalities however, are only performed in a specific arena.

Unlike Midway’s first three releases, this game does not include unplayable characters except Goro.

The graphics in this game are quite good since it was Midway’s first attempt at 3D graphics. As for the sound effects, It features realistic kick-ass sounds and some gruesome ones which give the game a seemingly horror feel!

It is available on PC,Playstation,N64 and DC.

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