Gamer Girl

Grlz on teh intarwebz r kicking ur butt ;)

Gamer Girl

A J Honda

I am an estrogen-filled, intelligent, hyperactive button masher, and I’m proud to admit it.

I don’t play on Xbox Live because, not only have I heard the terrible rumours about the community, I also simply prefer my PC and PS3.

I hold my controllers the proper way and know how to handle a joystick. ;)

I don’t follow what the collective is doing to fit in – I create my own guilds, corps, alliances, companies, and Linkshells…and I make sure we shine.

I make friends with the people I play with – friends that I make real life plans with.

I don’t judge people before they have the chance to introduce themselves.

I use Teamspeak and forums to catch up on news.

I don’t just play games when my fiancé is around and hold my own in my games.

I stock up on caffeine so I can pull all-nighters with “my guys”.

I don’t care what you think about my face, body, or voice.

I am a true girl. I am a true gamer. And I deserve as much respect as the guys in your game that you give virtual ass-slaps to.

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