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My opinion about today society on gaming about the battle between PlayStation four & Xbox One. Also, The idea of making $$$$ on Gaming. Will it be peace with the gaming society of this new generation?

My opinion on today society on gaming is ok. I’ve never have a Ps4 or a Xbox One yet because I believe that its no difference between both factors. It’s alot of fanboys that die over plastic like no other period. I’m only 23 yrs old from the 90s era!!!! But I mean I already got a Ps3 use to have 5 Xbox 360’s before I meant its a accomplishment in my opinion. I just believe that PC gaming gonna be popular in a year or two of the way I see it right now on Youtube. As me Jay Anthony that I can’t say nothing about the gaming community because I don’t pay attention on the specs or anything period because I just enjoy the game thats all it matter to me. I know this for a FACT that is alot of $$$$ to be made on Gaming. It just hard to see now a days of peoples in general battle it out over some damn plastic  I meant if you buy some stock from the companies then thats a different story. Overall, I meant do I see myself buying a Playstation 4 or a Xbox One someday? The answer is IDK time will tell when that day or time comes for me. I mean it’s no hate in my blood period its about that money in the gaming community.

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