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If you came to this, you are obviously interested in earning free rewards. How? Well there is an interesting website that allows you to complete various offers, complete quests, play games, and even buying products from advertisers gets you rewarded. Many people automatically assume something is a scam when the terms “free” and “internet” are used in the same phrase. Unfortunately, there are definitely some huge scams out there that get many people everyday. Why? Money. They make huge profits by getting people to buy certain services. So what’s different about what I am about to show you?

It costs absolutely nothing. Registration is free and open to absolutely anyone.

This particular website is extremely different from its competitors like Swag Bucks or Prize Rebel. Not only is it a lot more user friendly, but every new member is brought in and engaged in the community. It features a Shoutbox which has members talking 24/7 and if a user posts a question, many members are readily available to help and answer them.

How do you earn?

To earn points, you can do free offers, downloads, free trials of services, paid offers, play games, win the weekly lottery, watch videos, take a quiz, complete your demographic profile, get a bonus for reaching a high honor level, join a service, sign up for an email subscription, and even more! There is so much to do. You can even use your awesome Android device or an iPhone to do offers like watch videos, sign up for services or even download apps and launch them to receive credit!

Sign up here at Points2Shop to get started!

Thanks a bunch for reading and happy earning!

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