Gran Turismo One

A blog about a playthrough of Gran Turismo on the Playstation one. The blog is mainly about a playthrough of Gran Tursimo one, I recently brought a copy off of for £1 which is an absolute bargain in any ones eyes. 

With Gran Turismo one selling more than 11 million copies worldwide wince it fist came out in 1997/1998 you can understand just how great this game is and why there should be a detailed personal blog about it.

Later on I will be posting and blogging detailed info on the game including info on the races what times I got on them and other info on the race I partake in. There will also be information on all of the 290 cars in the game, explaining about the history of the cars, The individual car specifications, The best way to set up your vehicle for particular races and events in the game and much more.

There has also been an argument which I’m going to clear up and that’s the actual amount of cars in the game, Wiki has 140 cars, when the info on the back of the game box states that there’s “over 290″ So yet another reason to do a GT blog.

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