Grand Theft Auto Five Custom Tracks

The online mode in Grand Theft Auto five has been greatly improved.

Before the Grand Theft Auto went online, all we had is the Story Mode. I’m not complaining what so ever, It was just the feeling of….there could have been more.

Finally, GTA Online was online! I remember first starting out on the online mode, I’m pretty sure that I completely bypass the create a character at the start due to the excitement of being able to play people around the world, and of course some of my friends too!

Unfortunately, that soon became a chore to play. There are only so many times you can do the race Criminal Records before it becomes stale. So I stopped playing for a while…Until today.

I was pleased to see that Rockstar have added some excellent new updates to the game, including more cars, missions, weapons and more.

The one update that I am most impressed with is the create a race update. The level of creation is pretty good, although I do see some people complaining about it not being “In depth” enough. Whats to complain about? You can now create your own Grand Theft Auto race track using any location in the GTA world.

Played a race called “Jump, jump, jump” which is one of the top tracks that someone has created… doubt worth a go.

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