Gravity Interactive Acquires Development Rights Memento Mori: Requiem

Gravity Interactive Acquires Development Rights Memento Mori: Requiem.

On 13 November 2013 ago, WarpPortal, publisher is behind the popular game Ragnarok Online, took over development rights (developmental rights) over horror MMO Memento Mori: Requiem ofBohemia Interactive. This development rights handed over to a team of developers under the banner WarpPortal ie Gravity Interactive.

Initially, Memento Mori: Requiem (MM: R) was developed from scratch by Bohemia Interactive in early development. Advances in gameplay and content have achieved quite satisfactorily by the developer. Transition from the press release into the hands of Bohemia Interactive Gravity Interactive MM posted on the official website: R without mentioning the reasons detailed transition.

In the release, Denny Kwon as the new Producer MM: R says that he and his team (Gravity Interactive) have learned a lot from the previous developer, so this time they are ready to handle MM: R itself. So far, Denny and his team have helped a team of developers in designing PvP previous folder recently felt by the fans MM: R. They are also designed to worldgame monsters during Halloween. In fact, they also participated in developing the System Horror game.

With this transition, Denny stated that Gravity Interactive is ready to continue MM: R accordance essence of this game so far as MMORPG is thick with nightmares and horror along with terrible actions. Danny also claimed that they have had new plans for MM: A future as it expands the game storyline, making events unforgettable, and do nothing to develop a history of MM: R. Danny closes with a press release stating that they were very happy to get this opportunity, and hope that all the fans MM: R also feel the same way.

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