Guild Wars Two How to Get Too Level 80 Fast and Efficiently!

In this guide, I will be explaining the best methods for reaching level 80 really fast and you will make money at the same time.

There are several methods for maximum output training where you can have fun at the same time, i have put them in order from least to most fun.

World Vs World Vs World: This is one of the funnest methods as it is Player vs player you gain a lot of experience from finding the action which can be done by looking for the commander on the main map. By following the you can get a lot of loot take over a lot of castles and gain a lot of  xp gaining up to 2-3 levels an hour.

Event Farming: This is where you repeatedly do events and follow the events, There are several places throughout the game where you can follow dynamic events and gain a lot of karma xp and loot event farming is one of the best methods. Due to recent updates by talking to a herald in any area it will tell you where the current events in the game are so that you can easily farm the events now.

Quest: Quests are amazing, i would say they’re fairly underrated for how good they actually are. Doing your quest-line gives you a lot of xp and only takes you about 5-15 Min’s per quest the only downside is you have to be a certain level to do them this means they are extremely effective when you do them and something else at the same time.

Map Completion: This can be a fairly dull method if you don’t enjoy PvE especially when your training up an alternative character and have already done all the things you have to do in the area before. Completing vistas hearts and skill points while discovering areas is the best method for gaining xp.

Crafting: Crafting is an amazingly easy way too gain levels but can cost loads of money, Cooking is the best as its fairly cheap and Artificer is close second. From going levels 0-400 in crafting you gain 10 levels in combat i’d highly recommend that you leave crafting till the last 20 levels as they are much harder too level so its not particularly worth doing until you are level 60.

In order too keep your gear too your leveled standard you should complete jumping puzzles in Lions arch as it gives you your leveled items and can be completed very easily.

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