In Addition to The Globe of Globe of Warcraft Activity Gamer is No Longer The Globe of Warcraft

From the establishment of the aspect of the experience at this time.

just like with a faithful partner, into the unknown world complete of unique, first into the duplicate, first met BOSS and hear the actual speech effect, in the actions for initially riding a horse, many for initially that I experience the experience is different from the past, update it is a procedure of growing up, this procedure is complete of new and exciting, complete of class is just a starting, as births that time, through childhood, youngsters, youngsters, when more and more difficulties in when you step into the adult waiting for you, before growth only to fulfill greater difficulties. To experience. Any game has to keep up with the Joneses, but here more than competition, procedure and result of experience, in the religious stage, more precious, the procedure will let you experience after an impressive experience stories. In this procedure, there may be a buddy to perform with go, problems and difficulties you may experience many difficulties, but what you built aspect always go along with in your side, and you go through all the. PS: This is the purpose why I played for six decades, their aspect has never changed, never change the national and gender, even if not to perform the experience, a purpose to sell or give others can not account. For many individuals, the word “team” clearly, but lifestyle is not everyone has the opportunity to personally and often deeply experience the crew’s active aspect on the globe of Warcraft; you will experience this is not just a sport so easy. In WOW, 40, 25, 10 individuals have never met before together through the experience, to keep task more challenging objective (PS: the objective here generally refers to a duplicate of the group or the battleground, is a kind of game perform and method, the experience usually all need to arrange a group to go) research on strategic, strategic, final execution techniques, nighttime or weekly in the fixed a chance to fulfill together, communicate using easy speech software, as short as a few time, ten time, lengthy reached a month or several months, for a common objective, in that a successful time all the individuals together, rooting, launch the pressure, have fun with the joy of success.

During that interval I participate in organization actions, if there is a need to keep to attend Chief executive which cannot, or will be taken off from my DKP (DKP: score, individual participation in organization actions and in return for each guild actions influence the presence.). A buddy said to me: you perform the experience, it seems to perform, exhausted, I thought, there are several game will get you the same in every area around the globe game player, group together to compete? (World of Globe of warcraft PS: each new material, in every area around the globe game player, including: the United States, Europe, The philipines, middle of national and local teams are competing to see who is the actual king, actual NO.1, then the country inside and outside the popular media will track the whole game live.) Here, I really and for the first a chance to experience the Olympic soul and electronic actions. For eight decades, WOW during this interval many periods by various experts criticize, but provided that the experience negative reports, always with realm of Globe of warcraft as template (this is no way, who let the entire realm of Globe of warcraft game player is lengthy before the globe in the variety of the most popular on the internet game) but is keen to the experience player will from the experience a lot in reality no collect. I was like, in realm of Globe of warcraft to say let me the most impressive benefits that is to enhance my stand on one’s own thinking and systematic abilities, and group management techniques. (in the perform realm of Globe of warcraft, I progressively when obama, to be able to let the guild and his group based on several guild, I learned how to build and manage a group, create the relevant conditions, come up with and research group techniques, etc.). I once said that provided that the entire realm of Globe of warcraft game continued operation, then I will also keep perform, but due to many reasons of lifestyle, now I have left, but I’m still occasionally enter the experience aftertaste. Have to admit that from BAO XUE’s traditional I get a lot of lifestyle simultaneously also lose a lot, but I don’t repent the experience, lifestyle is wonderful because of storage, but in lifestyle there are few chance to keep a exclusive and powerful, lasting and traditional, lead a person to endless aftertastes storage in your mind. In ten decades, many decades or even decades later, when you and friends together to review the youngsters of enough time, you will have a different from other people’s exclusive youngsters. In this youngsters, you and all the experience player to contend on the globe, collect the relationship, release! @, holes, appreciate the respect, more important is do not ignore to always go along with your character, you will experience a interval of impressive experience, designed a spectacular realm of Globe of warcraft storage, but now, not hesitate to yell out your youth: I is Globe of warcraft game player!

Before I read a netter said is right, the current lack of Globe of warcraft game player, in fact this is not the old game performer’s mistake, nor a new game performer’s mistake, but not the BAO XUE mistake, if not to say who is wrong, can only say that is the growth of the periods, the buddy gave aspect of the situation, my understanding is: for example, aspect of the new game player like easy, quick game method, thoughtlessly engage in only equipment stage, the old game player likes complicated the traditional material, but the old game player because lifestyle cause huge reduction progressively, BAO XUE to get to know the new game player to join, progressively add some even too much “fast food” elements, did not keep the old game player also progressively fed up with this quick game perform, but if this is not done, the new game player is very challenging to incorporate. Take this example, although I am not very clear, but perform system game has just started in the 3D huge aspect in realm of Globe of warcraft, it is called milepost system game growth, now many the same characteristics of on the internet game perform method comes from devil animal world, so although Globe of warcraft traditional material task too, but in that interval almost no huge 3D quick method of free on the internet flash actions, and realm of Globe of warcraft both in material and game perform is very attract game player, the experience player even in complicated high situation is still complete of interest. But now with the economic and social growth speeds up, several 3D large-scale free on the internet flash actions are designed, these actions in the following WOW (World of Globe of warcraft English abbreviation) and simultaneously to add some much more convenient and easy game perform (automatic redirecting, #$%^ etc.) makes some busy lifestyle depressed individuals tend to accept this the way the experience, plus some just to earn money but not pay interest to the substance of the experience designers use game player plays, mirror and developed a variety of low high high quality of free on the internet flash actions, the experience performer’s high quality recently to reduce the large-scale, thoughtlessly in the experience only pay interest to the results for comparison, and ignore the original intention is to perform the experience entertainment appreciate the fun. (early free on the internet flash actions are time expenses of the experience after game, game player payment time cost game all on their own strength to create, and free on the internet flash actions are now most items expenses, RMB game player and the birth of) finally, think carefully, the appearance of any new things will be associated with the starting, growth, adulthood, recession of this Law of characteristics. So now as the old game player, do not have to grumble about the disadvantages of today’s realm of Globe of warcraft, in the soul of us to wish that WOW will walk more more far, spare time lifestyle in his own way these days to find their own fun, as BAO XUE can only be tried various ways to proceed this spectacular perform lifestyle.

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