Heavy Rain: Quite Possibly The Greatest Game Ever Made

Quantic Dream’s masterpiece Heavy Rain recently entered my game shelf, and by Golly is it ever good!

Disclaimer: This article may contain some serious spoilers, so I suggest that you play and finish the game before you read this.

I’ve been an xbox 360 person since it came out, as the PS3 was way overpriced and was definitely not worth the limited games it has. Lately I’ve been drifting away from the xbox as the exclusives weren’t really worth it anymore. So, I headed down to my local Gamestop and picked myself up a PS3. I realized just picking up the system itself wouldn’t do me any good, so I decided to grab a few games while I was there. I remember my friend telling me about all amazing exclusives the PS3 has nowadays. (He was right, PS3’s games are far superior to the xbox’s games nowadays.) I knabbed a copy of each Uncharted, AC:R, Skyrim and Heavy Rain.

The first thing I did when I returned home was cracked open Heavy Rain and give it a whirl, as it looked like such an interesting and original game. What I did not expect at all was me not being able to put the game down.

The game was a masterpiece, in all honesty. It was pure story-telling, with an excellent and original gameplay theme. Whoever thought that constant quicktime events would be such a great thing?

Heavy Rain has you playing between four different characters whose lives have been linked together in the hunt for the identity of the mysterious Origami Killer: Ethan Mars, Norman Jayden, Madison Paige, and Scott Shelby.

Ethan Mars is the father of two boys, Jason and Shaun Mars. He is also married to the lovely Grace Mars. Ethan is the games main protagonist, as well the most interesting and exciting characters to play as. Ethan’s life is completely turned around when a car crash killed his son Jason, as well as put Ethan into a coma and giving him a serious case of ochlophobia.  Grace leaves Ethan, and the custody of Shaun ends up being shared. Shaun starts to become distant towards Ethan ever since the accident, and it seems that Ethan becomes more and more depressed. Ethan is also haunted by these mysterious recurring blackouts when finished he wakes up in the street holding an origami figure, insinuating that Ethan is the Origami Killer and that the blackouts are him running around kidnapping and killing children.

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