Hobbits Did Exist and Lived in Flores

18,000-year-old skeleton in Liang Bua Cave on the Indonesian island of Flores.

Hobbits really did exist and probably played football

The Hobbits Foot.

“It is pretty damn exciting,” says William Jungers, a palaeoanthropologist at Stony Brook University in New York, who led the analysis of the hobbits foot. “It’s telling us something pretty amazing about human evolution.”

Researchers unearthed the hobbit’s 18,000-year-old skeleton in Liang Bua Cave on the Indonesian island of Flores in 2003. Then in 2004 partial remains from at least a half dozen individuals were uncovered.

Much subsequent research has focused on the skull that is smaller than a human skull.

However size isn’t everything it is how you use it is what really counts.

I have known plenty of big heads that have been really stupid.

More on the Hobbits foot

 ”My problem with that is that it doesn’t speak to the rest of the skeleton,” says William Jungers, who also presented his analysis of the hobbit’s bizarre foot at an anthropology conference last year.

For starters, the feet of Hobbit floresiensis are far longer than would be expected of 1-metre tall H. erectus or H. sapiens. The resulting need to drag its feet back high with each step to avoid kicking the ground would have limited its ability to move swiftly. It also has unarched feet. “It’s never going to win the 100-yard dash, and it’s never going to win the marathon,” Jungers says.

But I reckon that foot would be ideal for kicking a football and it would have taken an enormous football boot. It would have been able to kick the ball miles.

Robert Martin, a palaeontologist at Chicago’s Field explanation is more satisfying Martin still thinks the hobbit is an unusually small human that suffered from a developmental disease, possibly microcephaly.

Most footballers do suffer from development diseases.

So my research shows that the hobbits were probably small footballers that were overlooked as the game demanded bigger players and hobbits went extinct. 

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