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This is a Preschool home school study plan that I used for my daughter and now my son. Its a 26wk study plan, but it worked for me. You can change things if you’d like, make it work for you. It works, my daughter just started 1st grade and is working at a second grade level. I started home schooling her at age 3.

Week 10

Weekly Theme: Cookies

Vocabulary Word:  Dough – A mixture of flour, water, and other ingredients that is baked to make bread and cookies

Spelling: Mix, Sugar, Flour

Color: White

Letter: J j

Number: 10Ten

Nursery Rhyme: 

Introduce the Weekly Theme with pictures.
Go over Vocabulary Word and discuss how the theme and the word are related.
Practice writing skills with the spelling words.  First trace the words then try writing them on their own with your help of course.  The spelling isn’t really for memorizing, but really for writing and motor skills.
Repeat the Nursery Rhyme.

Introduce the Weekly shape.
Use a cut out of that shape.
Collect 3-5 objects from around the house of that shape.
Looks and find that shape in magazines.
Cut out your own shape.
Review the weekly theme, vocabulary word and nursery rhyme.

Introduce the letter of the week.
Practice making sounds that the letter make.
Decorate your own letter using colors, paints, glitter, glue, beans noodles, etc.
Practice tracing and writing the letter.
Look for words with that letter in magazines.
Review the weekly theme, vocabulary word, color, and nursery rhyme.

Introduce the number of the week.
Count that number of objects.
Eat that number of snacks or crackers.
Practice tracing and writing that number.
Review weekly them, vocabulary word, color, letter, and nursery rhyme
Review the entire week.
Recite the nursery rhyme together.
Draw a picture of that nursery rhyme together.

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