How Daz 3D Base Figures are The Key to Character Expansion

When you are working in Daz Studio, you probably want to be able to create as many character types as possible in order to create a variety of scenes. I believe it all lies in the base characters.

Daz Studio has so many add-ons available that really allow you to create so many different types of scenes. One of the key components to any kind of scene is the character you place in it. Your ability to expand the number of the types of characters you want to use in your scenes really is dependent upon the base characters you have.

When browsing the site to shop for a new add-on for content to purchase, you will find various information regarding the product. For example, you may see a clothing item you may want to purchase. Let’s take M 4 cowboy as an example. You will need the M4, or Michael 4, base character in order to be able to use it. Some M4 items can also be used on Genesis characters using the autofit tool. Some things work well and easy with the autofit tool and others don’t but if you buy an M4 item and you own the Michael 4 base then it is basically a sure thing as far as compatibility goes.

Now clothing is one thing but what really makes a character distinctive is his physical appearance and that is where you really get into the importance of the base figure. You have morphing options that will allow you to alter the features of the character. For example, you can get the Michael 4 or Victoria 4 Creature Creator Morphs. They will allow you to put on elf ears or a cat’s nose or other animal or monster like features. That will allow you to create monsters or fantasy figures. There are also morph add-ons that allow you to alter individual features like the nose, mouth, eyes, ears and etc.

I have found that it is easier to concentrate on one thing at a time. So I purchased all of the basic morphing add-ons for Michael 4 and Victoria 4 first. Then I bought a lot of hair and clothing options for them as well. There is a utility that will allow you to convert all of the morphs from Michael 4 and Victoria 4 to Genesis characters. It is called the Generation X add-on. You will need to have the Michael 4 for Genesis and the Victoria 4 for Genesis character bases as well as both the character bases for Michael 4 and Victoria 4 in order to make the conversion. The reason you may want to do the conversion from the Generation 4 characters to Genesis is to be able to use Genesis clothing, hair and accessories on those characters.

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