How Many of You Dreamed About Going “Pro”? (League of Legends)

We allways wanted to be the best but seems unrealistic. There are many players who succeed in League of Legends, but HOW?

Hello community!

A lot of players get this feeling because they reached a certain level ( Platinum, Diamond, Challenger ) by their personal skills, while a ranked team needs pure teamwork and coordination. It all starts after you find a team and after you manage many years of uniting your mindsets. The biggest problem is to get noticed in Esports. They have a relatively small community which is giving feedback about how to improve. When we watch some professionals streams we realize that they aren’t much better. Let me explain that, few days ago i called my mates to analyze our matches and we saw the differences. After making a successfully teamfight we tought that our ” plays” were coordinated and well played but, by analyzing the replays we found many slow reactions what will change the situation in a high level game.

Achiving succes in eSports is like in any other sport – you have to devote thousands of hours into the game, not just to play but to actively improve. YOU NEED TO WANT IT! Many players refuse to continue the path because their paretns are pushing them to graduate – ” No risk, no reward”.

The point is – if you see some hope to succseed in certain job (gaming, sport and so on), keep focused on that objective and ” ignore” your secondary objectives.

Come back here and tell us about the before-and-after. I bet you’ll have something to say!


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