How to Get a Legit Girlfriend 101

How to get your love.

Are you trying so hard to get girls’ attention? Do you think you’re not good enough to get a hottie as your girlfriend? Do you feel insecure about your appearance that it hinders you to actually ask a girl out? Do you feel that you will spend a lot of money getting a girlfriend? Well whatever it is, FORGET and don’t think about it! Getting that girl that you like is like fishing, you got to be patience and smart about it. BTW noticed I put LEGIT because I don’t want you to have a girlfriend that will eventually dump your ass. So enough chit chat and let’s get started young Skywalker!!!

Step 1: Evaluate the Girl

A lot of guys have a mistake by not checking the girl’s character/ personality and always check out their bodies first. Yes, I admit it’s tempting to check out some booties, but you’re reading this to get a LEGIT girlfriend not to jack off. You have to evaluate this girl first, whether you’re really attracted to her character and personality or just want to bang her. Guys that just want the bang part really won’t have a great love life; Karma is a bitch ladies and gents!

Step 2: Being a Detective

Find out what she likes and dislikes. The best part of doing this is through observation. I don’t suggest you to stalk her, but if you have connections from somebody that knows something about her then go for it. Or you accidentally checked her social media pages, why not, the more information you get from her, the better. PS: Don’t do illegal crap, stick to being legal


  Step 3: Subliminal Pickup Lines

Now you know a little bit about her, time to be creative. Please stay away from corny internet pickup lines because most of the time or even all the time it won’t work. And do not act cool, you’re not Johnny Bravo. I said subliminal because you got to approach her like you’re not trying to get her. To do this, you have to act like she’s just passing by or somebody in your college classes that you don’t know. Remember the goal in this is to be noticed by her that you exist!

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