How to Get All Endings in Dead Rising

How to get all of the endings in the hit zombie game, Dead Rising.

Dead Rising is one of those games which has multiple endings, much like another zombie series you will have to fulfill certain requirements in order to achieve the ending you want. You must play in 72 hour mode to get the endings.

Here are the requirements for the endings. In order of best to worst in an A to F system.

To get Ending A you you have to solve all of the cases given to you, Plus go and talk to Isabella at 10am on the last day and get to the chopper (Arnie) at 12am on September 22nd.

Ending B you have to be lazy and ignore all the cases, failing them, but still be at the chopper site in time.

To get the C ending you gotta haul it and solve al cases, but ignore Isabella and head straight for the helipad on the last day.

Ending D you have to get caught by the Special Forces and remain captive until 12am the next day.

Ending E ignore all of cases and also be late for the helicopter pick-up.

Ending F when you play case 7-2 don’t grab any of the bombs of Carlito to achieve the worst ending in Dead Rising.

Note that saving survivors doesn’t affected any ending result.

I personally like ending B the best as you can be lazy and just go on a zombie killing spree :D

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