How to Get Free Passes to Add to Your Howrse Account

I play Howrse since some time now and extra Passes are always welcome. See how I got them 100% free!

What I was looking for the other week is to buy a Business Key in Howrse.
My intention is to create my Equestrian Center, for which you need, as a start, to get that key.

I was not willing to pay.
In the past I did purchase some passes in Howrse to get some Store and Blackmarket stuff in the Breeding Farm section, but I was too unexperienced and I ended up wasting my money, so I have decided to spend my money just when I will know exactly how to make it 100% worth!

If you do a Google search, you can find lots of Howrse Passes/Equus generators. I tried some, few of these were fake, some other did work but did get patched soon by Howrse.

I have found this website that is looking very professional and grabbed my attention.

They have a passes/equus generator to add UNLIMITED of those to Howrse, but more importantly they have a demo that has limited functionalities.
Basically, instead of adding unlimited passes and equus, with the demo you can add only 8 passes/day, which is still good for most users, as, in my opinion, cheating too heavily ends up spoiling your game  (I am not criticizing heavy cheaters, I just don’t care!).

The good of the demo is that it’s downloadable without doing surveys. However, only 150 copies are available and I was lucky enough to grab one copy.

I would recommend to get there before is too late as, again, the demo is what most players need to get a help when desperate without cheating too dirty!

Click HERE to download the Generator.

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