How to Make Money with Free Online Games Site

This article explains how to make money with a implementation of a site with free online games. It’s easy and it’s automated. You don’t need to be an expert to create these kind of sites.

  My Experience, easy to have 1000 visits per day…

I created my first online game site one year ago. Now I want to talk about making money with these kind of sites based on what I’ve learned. For those completely unaware of this type of site I’m talking about sites of flash games that play on a site without any download to your computer. Most of these games are simple, free, and of short duration.

One of the most positive aspects in relation to the niche of online games is that it is HUGE with thousands of monthly searches, and many “sub-niche.” For example, within the game’s online action games, Barbie games, adventure games, car games, children games and driving games, to name a few of many examples. While competition is also enough, my experience is that it is not difficult to create online gambling sites with 200 to 1,000 visits per day.

The biggest mistake in relation to this niche is the low average value per click in Adsense ads, and in my experience the values ​​are around € .05 to € .10 per click. Of course we are not limited to Adsense, but this is certainly the best way to get income from day one, and with few visits, the online gaming sites. 

I believe there is more than one way to create online gaming sites, for this article, I will share only what I know from personal experience and I can recommend.

How to create online gaming sites

Certainly, the market size of online games is one of the best reasons to enter this niche, and it’s easy for anyone to create and update these sites for other factors.

For starters, online gambling sites can be created using the WordPress platform, with obvious benefits: it is a platform with which we are familiar, is free, easy to use, is versatile and continues to be one of the CMS (content management system) better optimized for search engines.

Mochi Media, the “supplier” for games

An online game site would be nothing without their games, and here you enter the Mochi Media. I have used the Mochi Media sincet the first day and I am very pleased. The Mochi Media is the largest supplier of flash games with over 29 000 games to choose from, in various categories. In addition to providing games, we can also make money directly with Mochi Media, where a game is played on our site, or whenever an add is clicked. In relation to payments, Mochi Media works with a check, Paypal or MoneyBookers.

The Mochi Media provides everything you need to publish games on our site: files, descriptions and screen shots of the game. There is however a WordPress plugin that facilitates the seamless integration of Mochi Media with our gaming site: The Pro MyArcadePlugin.

I will write my review about the script MyArcadePlugin on the next article. So don’t loose it!

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