How to Play Goldentowns

Goldentowns is a new online game where you can make money without investment!

I already made a little article about making money with this online game here.

How to play the game?

First, you need to sign-up here. Then, let’s start by looking at this picture of my town at level 6.

As you can see, we have houses (where your workers will live in), a city hall, a warehouse and graveyard and production buildings.

1. Houses

As told, your workers will live in these houses, and the more workers you have, the more houses you need. It is highly recommended to upgrade the six houses you initially get from the game (because the initial houses never need renovations, while new houses need renovations every month or so).

2. City hall

You also receive a city hall level 1 to start with. In the city hall, you can ‘produce’ new workers. With a city hall of level 1, you can make one new worker every three hours. When you upgrade the city hall, you can make more workers at once.

3. Warehouse and graveyard

Here you can store your production and your dead workers. When your warehouse is full, you can’t produce anymore. When your graveyard is full, you can’t make new workers in the city hall anymore. But don’t be afraid of a full graveyard in the beginning. All the workers that you make and hire in the initial production buildings, will live forever. And if a worker dies, he will stay in the graveyard for 10 days (and there is room for at least 5 dead workers).

4. Production buildings

Most important buildings! Of course you need this production to make upgrades to all buildings and roads between buildings. But when you have got leftovers, you can sell them for gold (not in the beginning yet, you need to play the game a little while till you can do this). Selling production output for gold can be very profitable for you, since you can sell the gold for REAL money! Of course in the beginning this will make only a little money, but hey: you are making money by playing a fun game!!!

So try it out now here!

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