How to Put Up with Annoying Trends

Some new expressions and languages transformation are becoming overly used especially by young people today. This includes old words that is now being used differently or new words created by trend setters such as celebrities and public icons.

I may have to agree with Ryan Higa, a Japanese American YouTube celebrity who said that lots of people are now using the expression “that awkward moment when…” even if the situation is not totally awkward. My opinion is going in harmony with his reaction that it is sick and tiring to hear people say that the moment is awkward even if it’s not. It looks like that people are now losing their common sense mistakenly seeing regretful, embarrassing, frustrating, doubting and boring occasions as  awkward moments.

In Japan, young people infectiously use the word “kawaii” (literally means cute) in almost all situations which fail the deeper meaning of the word. This is the same occurrence with the word “yabai” (literally means danger). They tend to utter this word often although the situation is too far from risk and contingency.

It is no difference in the Philippines, the word “taray” which means a woman with a strong personality who can blow her nose with anger easily is now one of the most popular expressions among teenagers and middle ages. If someone catches the attention of people by showing a great dance move, people will say “taray”; if you arrive at a party with shiny outfit and seemingly attractive accessories expect to hear your friends comment “taray”.

I really don’t want to attack trend setters because I am not exactly sure if words’ evolution and transformation is a good thing or a bad thing. It is probably a good thing because people get entertained by just hearing simple phrases like these amid all the serious issues of the country. It may be bad as well for growing children who might get confuse about the proper usage of the language.  

I’ve come up with few tips for all of you on how people can put up with annoying trends. Please take a look at the following suggestions based on my personal encounter:

1.    Go with the flow

Almost every year there are few expressions arising and these are definitely uncontrollable. Instead of getting piss wondering why people are so blown up with such nonsense inclination; try to accept that it will continue no matter what happen. Looking at the positive side of things will always be the best.

2.    Don’t use it excessively

In number one I suggested to go with the flow but please take a precaution. People who administer new expressions too much may turn out to be too fanatic and they appear a little dumb by having only few vocabularies. Your conversational skill is at stake if you let it carry you up exceedingly.

3.    Use it appropriately

Knowing when and how to use it is a must. It involves proper timing at the right place and in the right situation. Do not dare to use such phrases if you are on a meeting with new clients. I bet you won’t be able to close any deals if you fling with childish expressions like these.

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