I’m Writing This Article for The Sake of Writing an Article

Sometimes people just write articles for the sole purpose of adding another one to their list of articles. Some do so to reach a milestone like 100 articles. But wouldn’t they be better off just creating quality articles that actually say something?

I just thought I’d write another article. Not necessarily to achieve any purpose other than to add to my list of articles. It’s all about quantity not quality. I just want to be able to say that I wrote another article. Got to get those really high numbers you know. I’m shooting for 100 articles in a year’s time. So who cares if it actually serves a purpose or contains any useful information? As long as I can get someone to read it, that’s all that really matters. Well, that and the fact that I’m one article closer to that magic number of 100.

I thought of just doing a 200 word article or so. You know, it would be easier than, say, a 750 word article. That’s just entirely too many words. I might as well write a novel at that rate. I could also post a video or two from YouTube to kind of fill the web page up. With so few words, I need to add something to it. What’s even better is the fact that the videos aren’t anything I created myself. Just something I sort of leached onto. So with the videos and the banner ads, the page should look fairly full.

You know something? It really isn’t all that hard to write a lengthy article. In fact, I really think I could pull off a 750 word article. I mean, I do have a vocabulary. I can think of some words. It’s not like I’m illiterate or anything. They say that some birds have a vocabulary of over 2000 words. I figure if a bird can handle 2000 words, I’d have to be able to pull off 750 words. And I can repeat a lot of the same words too. It’s not like I really even need a vocabulary of 750 words. I could just repeat the same word 750 times. I’d only really have to know how to count, and that’s just to 750. Technically, it would qualify as a 750 word article.

Now, if Jack Nicholson (In The Shining) could type “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” over and over and call it a novel, then why couldn’t I get away with a 750 word article consisting of just one word?

Okay, so maybe it was just a movie, based on a novel, portrayed by a very good actor, portraying the character as somewhat of a lunatic. But I’d still like to think that I may have conveyed my point. Oops! I didn’t really set out to make a point in this article. I merely intended for this article to serve no purpose but to be counted amongst the 100 articles in my struggle to write 100 articles. I guess some people can accidentally make a point without even trying while others create articles that really seem to have no point. I hope that wasn’t another point. I didn’t mean to make that one either.

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