Impact of Online Games

Bad influences play online games (including video games that do not use the internet as PS2) in children has been widely discussed in various media, such as children become aggressive, roughly speaking, less sociable, impair growth and so on. But not only that, children even daring to steal in order to continue playing online games at Internet cafes. There have been many news or article that discusses online gaming addiction can make a child’s criminal behavior.

Among children, teens and college students using games as entertainment and an outlet (for depression). Viewed from the impact, of course, the role of parents to pay attention to children in excess must be in priority again. especially for children who often play games online. As parents, we must give time so that our children can play whether it’s playing games or playing outside with his friends but also the children should have time to learn.

Various cases were often occurs as a result of addiction to playing online games, like children who dared to steal money pr goods to be able to play online games at Internet cafes, student being removed from campus, because often miss college, do not do the work and do not even take the exam. There are also more extreme until one month is not going home for the sake of playing online games.

But there are also positive effects of playing online games, that relieve stress, increase concentration, improve brain performance and increase knowledge of the computer and the Internet. If we play the games online on a regular basis and not excessive then we will get a positive impact and reduce negative impacts

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