In China, Gamers Can Renting a Female to Accompany Playing Game

In China, Gamers can Renting A Female to Accompany Playing Game.

How does it feel when playing the game accompanied by a pretty girl ? In China , the players can do that even though he did not have a boyfriend . Instead , gamers and have to be willing to spend some money .

The gaming company in China also offers two types of services that can be utilized by gamers . The first service is a service in which the company’s promotional games offer gamers a chance to play together for a beautiful woman .

Next , a gamer can spend some money to get the company of a beautiful woman and can play online with him . And of course , this type of service is for male gamers and especially when they are playing online games such as World of Warcraft .

China itself is a country with a very large number of gamers . In fact, not infrequently gamers in China has a high level of addiction to a game .

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