Infinity Blade Cheats – iPod Touch/iphone

Trying to unlock the recently patched alternate characters? Looking for info on the alternate ending?

Infinity Blade Cheats


Infinity Blade is a graphically impressive fighting game, featuring a looping story, available for play/download on portable Apple devices.

Game Information:

Infinity Blade is a groundbreaking third person fighting game developed by Epic Games. It features intuitive touch controls and creative fantasy characters. The story is written geniously to loop continuously, allowing the player to feel better about playing same story twice. Infinity Blade has been generally praised by critical reviews for having the best visuals of any game developed for Apple’s iOS. Infinity Blade is Epic Game’s attempt to port its technologically advanced “Unreal Engine” to a mobile device. Infinity Blade currently costs $5.99 for download in the Apple App Store.


Visual Information:


There are currently no cheats available for “Infinity Blade.”


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  1. Tim
    Posted March 10, 2011 at 8:19 am

    I found one cheat
    When u are fighting the god king and lose. If you quickly exit the game and shut your phone off. Then turn your phone back on. The fight will reset.

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