Iron Man Three

Iron Man three is a game of endless runner genre that developed as well as published by Gameloft for Android and iOS devices, which is where this game has been published since April 25, 2013. Iron Man three The Game is the official game of the movie Iron Man 3.

To play the game memgunakan Iron Man’s big names, gamers can get it for free on Google Play and Apple AppStore.
Gamers will play as Tony Stark in Iron Man costume that Tony Stark became the world peacekeeping. Initially, gamers will be given two slots (Storage) blank to make a new costume, but gamers can also buy a new slot using the ISO / 8 (premium currency). To make the costume, gamers need EXP or ISO / 8, and Stark Credit.

 Iron Man 3 on this game, gamers can create and use a new 18 Armor made Stark Industries is War Machine, Mark II, Mark 42, Silver Centurion, Iron Patriot and Hammerhead, where each costume has its own advantages.

Gamers can start your adventure by using the first Iron Man costume, which is the ability of this costume is still very minimal. Gamers can strengthen it by performing several upgrades in the lab for HP, Weapon or Special.

When starting the action in this game, gamers will see some of the target given by the system. For example, to reach a certain distance, defeating certain enemies and some other targets that prizes ISO / 8 or Stark Credits. There are a lot of enemies that will be encountered in the game Iron Man 3 is the Advanced Idea Mechanics troops, the Crimson Dynamo, Ezekiel Stane, Living Laser and Modok.

When flying action starts, Iron Man will face many obstacles such as jet aircraft, missiles, human flight, super villains and a few others. Gamers should be able to smashing all enemies and avoid obstacles that appear. In the upper right corner of the user interface, there is a display space that has been taken while in the upper left corner is the HP Iron Man display.

Gamers can destroy the enemies that appear, but could not break down the barriers that block. If HP ultimately was not able to withstand the attacks of the enemy then streak Iron Man will fall and lose. However, gamers can evoke Iron Man back using the ISO / 8, which is the number of ISO / 8 are used to generate Iron Man will rise every rise ..

If gamers decide to end the game, before it can use the costume is damaged, then the gamers have to wait a few seconds to repair the Iron Man costume. The better the costume, the time needed for repairs will also be longer.

This game more challenging by the fitu Leaderboard, where gamers can see the top score among friends or among gamers who play Iron Man 3 in the whole world. In the screenshot below, gamers can see the highest score achieved by gamers in another country.

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