Just Cause Three Gameplay Reveal Coming Next Week

For now, you can watch a brief teaser video.
Although developer Avalanche Studios has talked somewhat extensively about upcoming open-world game Just Cause three and released some CG trailers, the studio has yet to reveal any gameplay.

Although developer Avalanche Studios has talked somewhat extensively about upcoming open-world game Just Cause 3 and released some CG trailers, the studio has yet to reveal any gameplay.

But that’s going to change quite soon.

The official Just Cause Twitter account on Friday posted a teaser video that concludes by saying the gameplay reveal trailer for Just Cause 3 will be released next Tuesday, April 28.

It’s tough to make out exactly what’s happening in the video, but protagonist Rico is shown flying over a field of sunflowers in his new wingsuit. A helicopter is also shown for a brief moment crashing to the ground and exploding.

During PAX East last month, Just Cause 3 game director Roland Lesterlin explained that Avalanche didn’t want to show gameplay until it was sure what fans see will blow them away.

Just Cause 3 launches this holiday for Xbox OnePlayStation 4, and PC. GameSpot recently visited Avalanche’s offices in Sweden and got to play some of the game. You can read our impressions here.

For more on Just Cause 3, check out some images in the gallery below.

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