Knoword – Expand Your Vocabulary!

A site that helps you learn more words and know its meanings!

If you want to expand your vocabulary and want to have a method of doing so, there is a site that has a game which you play and challenge yourself but at the same time, learn more words. It is called Knoword. is the site that will help you do that. When you go on the site, you’ll start the challenge when you press the start button. How do you play? Well it’s quite simple. 

You’ll be given a random definition from the dictionary and the letter the word starts with. You’ll then have to type in the word that fits that definition and starts with that letter. If you get it right, you’ll receive 20 points and extra time and move onto the next definition. If you keep getting the definitions right without skipping a word, you’ll see an increase in your word streak and earn additional points.

There is no penalty if you get it wrong but if you can’t find the word and skip it, you’ll lose 10 points and it will show you the answer and then move onto the next definition. You have 60 seconds and you must find as many words as you can and accumulate those points. When those 60 seconds are up, you’ll be given results and you can try again. You may also change the difficulty if it gets too easy or too hard.

Having an account is not necessary but if you want to keep track of your scores and games, then you should register for one. Having an account also means that you can have access to other features like collecting badges and participating in the player rankings.

Knoword is beneficial to learning more words and expanding vocabulary while you have fun playing this game. Keep using this as a method of excercise and as a method learning. It will help you a lot when you apply that knowledge.

So, click on that link and start playing now! Learn new words and use those new words later in life!

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