Kongregate: Treasure Trove of Games

Review on Kongregate, arguably the most popular mini game(I wouldn’t call it mini, many games there are complex) site.

What happens when I’m awfully bored and I need some online entertainment? Well, first I check my triond dashboard and look at the biews(tends to make me feel grateful for the views). After checking the dashboard. I head out to kongregate to play some interesting games.

What is kongregate? As I said in the title, it’s a treasure trove of games. It is rather similar to miniclip but what makes it different is that kongregate is more user-friendly, while miniclip doesn’t really expose the “do you want to join us?” part.

Kongregate has great content of games in it, with alot of genres! MMORPG, point and click, escape, pixel(I oh so love pixel!), idle, and more. This proves that kongregate is meant for everyone.

Kongregate makes all its users connected to each other. They don’t let MMOs do the user gatherings. They took the initiative by putting up chat rooms and forums in every game, which makes the kongregate community really together.

Check the website! It will surely keep you in touch(Did you know that kongregate is related to gamestop?)


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