Latest World of Warcraft Expansion Officially Announced

Latest World of Warcraft Expansion Officially Announced.

Not even one week of the outstanding issues surrounding the latest expansion of World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor , yesterday Blizzard officially confirms the truth of the outstanding issues. Based on a press release that announced the Blizzard, Warlords of Dreanor has officially exist and has his own website.

Throughout the history of World of Warcraft, this latest expansion is the fifth expansion that has been released by Blizzard as a developer. In this expansion, players will be in the world Dreanor brutal and full of cruelty. Dreanor is the home of the Orcs and Draenei. In the midst of vast forests in Dreanor, Iron has been created by the new Horde Orcs mighty clan. This situation makes the heroes of Azeroth have to save their world from the impending attack. Venturing deep into the jungle to fight and increase the skill and experience, the player is given the new level cap up to level 100. In Dreanor conquered, players are required to build their own combat ranks, prepare forces and commanding them to attack while survive in the cruel world.

It is very profitable players of the presence of this expansion is the player can instantly raise the level of the character up to level 90. Expansion is implementing such a system so that each player can join to fight in Dreanor together with their friends.

So far, there has been no new information on the race or class that is provided in conjunction with the new this expansion. But it does not mean that the Warlords of Dreanor not provide it at all, maybe Blizzard still keep it as a surprise for the fans, despite the issue that there is a new class in this expansion later. Hopefully, this issue was again true, and fans of World of Warcraft can have fun with the new race.

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