League of Legend(newbie Guide)

A "must know" things about League of Legends.I hope this helps.This guide is actually useful for "summoner rift" players.

Honestly,this game is not bad.It is fun to play once in a while.It is kinda addictive too.This game is kinda like Dota. so people who know how to play Dota would find this game to be a lot easier.Now,to those who never play Dota before.Here are some things that you should know:

Since the latest update,Summoner who are at Level 1 are all required to play “Co-op Vs. Al” mode which mean you only get to play against bots but once you reach to Level 3.Say Hello to “PvP mode”

People usually play “PvP Mode” on the “Summoner’s Rift” map.In this map,there are three lane which are Top,Mid and Bot BUT there are 5 roles. Those 5 roles are “Top”,”Mid”,Attack Damage Carry(in short “ADC” which is played on Bot lane),Support (which is played on Bot lane) and Jungler(Summoner who roams in the jungle)


Here Are some example:
Top Lane: Jayce,Jax,Aatrox,Cho’gath,Darius,Dr.Mundo,Garen,Fiora,Shen,Renekton,Singed and many many more.
Mid Lane: Ahri,Katarina,Zigg,Akali,Diana,Annie,Ryze,Khazix,Zed,Cassiopeia,Kassadin,Karthus and many more.
Bot lane(ADC + Support): Ashe,Miss Fortune,Draven,Vayne,Varus,Corki,Caitlyn,Ezreal,Sona,Lux,Soraka,Janna,Zilean,Nami,Taric,Thresh,Morgana and many more.
Jungler: Fiddlestick,Hecarim,Nunu,Rengar,Udry,Sejuani,Volibear,Warwick,Master Yi,Evelynn and many many more.

Note: Doesn’t mean the Champion I mentioned are only meant for 1 role.Some champion can be played in a lot of roles.It just depend on how you wanna play it.

Honestly,the reason why is it so important is because we want to prevent”miscommunication”. Imagine this,4 people pick champions that they wanna play in bot lane.If you play the game long enough,you will understand WHY picking lane/roles are important.

As you play the game you will notice that there are people who are not new to the game aka “Smurfs”.If you are using a champion that you are not sure whether to build Ability Power(”AP”) or Attack Damage(”AD”) be sure to ask someone in your team :) In the game itself,they actually advice you on which Items to buy BUT some of the suggested item are not useful in some cases.Example,Tristana,In the game they give you suggestion to build AP tristana but if you are playing on the bot lane you need to be an ADC.When you are not sure about something,Be sure to ask your teammate :)


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