League of Legends, My New Favourite Game! – Game Review (Free!)

League Of Legends, such an amazing game.

I mean, My friend started playing it and I was like, " Woah that seems crap, we play different games way better then that," but then I tried and it was so Good.

I mean the first few matches and the tutorial was boring but after about my 3rd match the game was perfect for me.

So, this game maybe doesn’t sound very appealing but seriously I thought it was a horrible game, a game that looked so bad and sounded bad, but I should have remembered the metaphor “Never Judge a Book By Its Cover.”

I mean I thought, this game looks HORRIBLE! But well my friend told me to play it so i forced myself to play a game and it was still boring. I mean I did the tutorial and it takes quite a while but please don’t let this get through your head! 

First do the tutorial then play around 3 games and you will, and I mean it YOU WILL enjoy ;)

You must check these videos out! Especially if you are considering playing this game: 




So I know I haven’t posted in a while but I am now so yeah, enjoy the game if you’re up for it and add me if u want my names in the game are 

Legendary Scroat

The Might Of Lol

Stupid Yordles

Enjoy the Game!!!!

So yeah, feel free to read some of my other articles and feel free to add me on triond :) Hopefully I can get some more articles up soon!!!

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