Let’s Test Armor Games: Four

Here I test games from the website "Armor Games"!
This issue’s game: "Infectonator 2".

Let’s test Armor Games: 4

Infectonator 2
Toge Productions has done it again! This time they’ve brought back their old, but loved, game: “Infectonator” and created a sequel. In this game, you have to send a virus into a town, which will then turn some people into zombies! Send your generals zombies into the fight at any moment, and make sure every person on the map is either dead or a zombie! Infectonator 2 is a lot better than the first one. First of all it has 4 million more plays than the first Infectonator. Second, it is rated 9.5 compared to the first one which was rated 8.5… So yes, the public does like the sequel better than the original. Why? Well here are some examples…

   The Plus Sides:

  –  Diversity
 Unlike the first Infectonator, the second one has many types of zombies, some of which can only be unlocked through finishing a level. There are zombies such as; Michael Jackson, Ill Kim Jong, Kruggy, Ronald Mc. Donald, Jason, and gigsaw. You can also upgrade your zombies with many types of possible improvements like; Speed,strenght, resistance, lifespan, and even the direction of the virus. There are also many more types of humans, unlike Infectonator 1.
 Infectonator 2Infectonator 1

–  Lenght of Game
 Personally, I find it nice that not only you have to invade the 150 towns in the game, but you also have to completely destroy them. To destroy them you must achieve the 4 objectives given. There are 150 towns, 4 objectives for each this means you have 600 objectives to fill!!! Lots of gameplay right there!!
   – The Hot News Anchor
 For some reason, Armor Games and Toge Productions have chosen to put a hot news anchor at the end of every level, wether you win or lose… Not that I’m complaining..
   – Change from Infectonator 1
 So much has changed from the first game; graphics, gameplay, length of game, upgrades, types of zombies, bosses… Humans are now more realistic, the game is easier to play, the game is longer, there are more upgrades, more zombies, bosses such as; Freddie Wong, Justin Bieber, Rambo etc…

   The Down Sides:

   – Too Hard, Too easy
 Sometimes, the level is just too hard. Other times it’s just too easy that you don’t have to lift a finger after sending the virus. Most of the time, when the level you’re playing is too hard, there will be other playable levels. However you can get stuck at a part in the game where every single level is just too hard… That’s when the game is rough.

  – SFX & Music
 I’m not going to write a paragraph for this one, why? Because the music simply doesn’t fit with the game. If you don’t believe me go to the end of this article, click on the link to the game and listen to the music.


      Infectonator 2 is a perfect example of a close-to-perfect sequel to a great game. If you’re looking for a nice game to kill time with, play Infectonator 2 and you won’t regret it!
Do I recommend this game: Yes.
Is it one of my favorites: Yes.
My vote: 9.8/10

~ Jason

Infectonator 1: http://armorgames.com/play/5020/infectonator
Infectonator 2: http://armorgames.com/play/13150/infectonator-2
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