Are you considering buying MineCraft well you should read this article.

Hello Minecraft Fans or Noobs to Minecraft, are you curious about Minecraft or wanting to buy Minecraft. Well I think you should, this game is very exciting and fun to play. There is 2 types of Minecraft modes, there is Creative and Survival.

On survival mode there are many mobs that can kill you like creepers that can blow up or if you kill the creeper it will give you gun powder. There are zombies that attack you with their hands and if you kill them they give you rotten flesh. But the thing is when you first start a Survival mode you start out with nothing but your hands (you can add a bonus chest if you want). But don’t worry you can start by digging with your hands to get soil and destroy tree with soil.

On creative mode in your inventory you have everything that is possible on Minecraft with an unlimited supply of materials.You can use those materials to make whatever you want like houses, activities, pools, volcanoes, waterfalls, a mini-gun and so much more. In the menu option you can change your creative mode to survival mode on Xbox 360 and PC.

On Xbox live you can buy skin packs so you can look like Master Chief and even mobs. You can buy mini games such as cops and robbers, terminator ,bunny tag, hide and seek,etc. Also,you can can get mods and mods are maps you can buy that have special stuff on it. Like there’s a mod called alien invasion where at some point a meteor hits somewhere on the map and once you find it there’s gonna be a portal with about 7 zombies with swords and 2 zombies have pickaxes and once you defeat them you go in the portal and you have to defeat a boss that shoots fire and once you defeat him you get a weapon that sucks water, fire ,and dirt into it and you can use those things to destroy anything.

If your thinking about buying Minecraft, don’t think about buying it just buy it.

Minecraft Coffee Shop (Photo credit: Uriel 1998)

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